In the summer of 1988, Alanna Vanacore was born in a swampy beach town in Ormond Beach, Florida. Alanna's earliest memory of art comes from the stucco suburbs when she was about 4 years old attempting to draw Speedy Gonzales. It was that moment that it all clicked for her and she realized her potential. Art was something that calmed the hyper girl's mind. Her parents, obviously pleased at her unusual quiet behavior, pushed her to keep creating. It wasn't hard for her to find pieces of wood, paint, brushes, hammer and nails throughout her childhood seeing as her mother is a painter and her father is a contractor. Alanna studied art at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville for two years then decided it was time to sell her car, jewelry, all her art and move to New York! She currently live in Brooklyn.

Artist Statement:

Simply put: I like to paint. To challenge myself but mostly because I'm so drawn to the process that I feel compelled to keep doing it. There are two sides to me creating art. One of them is really quiet. I think of my brain as a telephone wire. Endless conversations and connections going through but all I can hear is the quiet hum of electricity and the creaking noises in my neck when it gets tense and tired. The other side is me being a complete spaz. I dance, sing, crack jokes, talk in weird voices and listen to music really loud. I enjoy exercising the weird, silliness of life into my art. I paint what I feel or whatever is happening around me. Sometimes my thoughts are like mashed potatoes being shoved through a window screen, but other times they are hand delivered in a pretty package with a bow on top. My art is a documentation of my life and growth as a human.